Beginning the car-free journey



In January of 2008, I made one of my first new year’s resolutions ever. After a string of bad luck with my aging car (including a hunk of metal just falling off and scraping along the street for a few miles), I was sick of my car. I was sick of getting it fixed, putting gas in it, and I was sick of sitting in traffic. In what seemed like a radical idea, I decided to just stop using the car altogether, to see if I could do it. The result? I’m now car-free.

Below are a few of my early adventures in car-free living. Back then I used an electric scooter (which was ultimately impractical) and took the bus quite a bit. These days, I use my bicycle and bus passes to get around.

The Beginning of my Journey (from Motorboard to bus to bicycle)

Car-Free in LA: Girl Meets Motorboard

The Urban Motorboarder’s Backup

Cars as Safety Devices


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