Bike Storage

photo by OskarN (thank you!)

photo by OskarN (thank you!)

The humidity of winter will soon set in, and I’m wondering how to keep my bike(s) high and dry but still easy to use for the winter. I can’t stand having a bike in the living room, and my bike is too heavy to be slung on a hook somewhere out of the way. Currently, I have it tethered to the clothesline post — and covered with a bicycle tarp. Not bad, but will a tarp keep everything safe from rain damage? I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

My master plan is to gift my guy with a bike, then convince him to park his car on the street, so we can turn our half of the garage into bicycle central. We’ll see how that goes–

**In the meantime, if anyone wants to sell a 56″ framed bike, let me know!**


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