Simple New Year’s Resolutions

The first week of a new year is time for a fresh start. The calendar is a white space of possibility. 2009, with all its weirdness, is a thing of the past. 2010 is here, and this year, this new decade, this world is our oyster.

I love resolving things. It feels so official. It was a resolution that got me to be car-free. Still, I don’t do new year’s resolutions — not exactly. I wade slowly into my resolve.

If you’re ready to resolve today, though, Siel of GreenlaGirl has a post about green resolutions: “4 Eco-New Year’s Challenges.” I’ve been eying some of her ideas for my own simple living challenges. You can grab one of her suggestions, or you might try one of your own. You might resolve to commute by bike or public transit once a week — or resolve to share things you don’t need on Freecycle. You might resovle to meet and greet your neighbors once in a while, to make something crafty, to cook or bake tasty morsels. Or you may resolve not to resolve this year. All these things (I think) count as simple living.


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