Results of Local-lujah!

Before the holiday extravaganza that was late December, I wrote about my commitment, spurred by a visit from Reverend Billy, to walk to buy my holiday gifts this year. I have to say that it was fun to share the local gifts with everyone. The story behind each gift went over well.

Inspired by the reception of my local gifts, I decided to learn a little more about why shopping at locally-owned businesses is a good idea. When we shop locally, I learned, we’re not only supporting entrepreneurs. We’re helping entrepreneurs pay taxes in our own neighborhoods (rather than some far-off corporate headquarters address). When local business-owners do well, more money goes to taxes for local schools, local roads, local sidewalks, etc. When local business-owners do really well, they can create more jobs in our neighborhoods by hiring local workers.  So, if you see that a pothole needs repairing, if you’d like to have better public schools, or if you hope (against hope) for reliable public transportation in your neighborhood, shout out a little local-lujah and  try to do at least some of your shopping (if you’re shopping this year) at a locally-owned store.


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